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     Let the world know you have a finely crafted BMW performance vehicle with an exhaust system that growls with purpose when pushed but also hums in civilized tones when you desire audible understated power. The Dinan free flow stainless steel exhaust for the F06/12/13 M6 provides a distinguished sound to your vehicle while reducing drone. In addition to an amazing sporty sound the exhaust system improves exhaust flow by reducing back pressure resulting in performance gains of 10HP 

     We here at the Toy Barn are proud to offer Dinan performance solutions. At Dinan their passion for both BMWs and BMW parts is evident in their dedication to designing and producing the most innovative and performance driven BMW aftermarket parts on the market. Serious enthusiasts turn to Dinan because they appreciate their ability to make BMW performance upgrades that outperform the rest of the BMW aftermarket industry. When customers want performance they turn to Dinan first.


     Contact Jonathan at 800-869-2276 or by email at for more information or ordering details.  

    Free Flow Stainless Exhaust w/ Polished Tips for the BMW F06/12/13 M6
    Retail Price: $3499.00

    Dinan's Free Flow exhaust system features 100% stainless steel construction measured to exact specifications to ensure proper fit via factory hangers and mounting points. Dyno tuned for maximum exhaust flow with minimum backpressure, this system is designed to provide a more aggressive sound under acceleration, while reducing drone inside the vehicle, thanks to Dinan's exclusive Helmholtz Chamber and Butterfly Valve technologies. The exhaust gasses exit through larger laser engraved ultra-durable satin black ceramic coated quad tips.

    Every Dinan® product comes with our industry exclusive factory matching new car bumper to bumper warranty and is designed and tested in Morgan Hill, California and can be purchased and installed at any Dinan Approved BMW dealership nationwide.


    • Improve performance by 10 horsepower when combined with the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner.
    • Throaty, deeper sound
    • 100% 304 Stainless Steel Construction
    • Helmholtz chamber to remove drone
    • Incorporated Butterfly Valve technology
    • Simple installation using high quality BMW clamps and hangers
    • Quad 3.5" laser engraved black ceramic coated exhaust tips with Dinan logo
    • "Straight through" canister design



    Air is synonymous with power when talking about engine performance and Dinan's F01/02 750i Cold Air Intake delivers more of it inducing jaw dropping additional power from your vehicle. Not only will the performance this gives astound you but when you pop the hood you will be amazed again by a beautiful piece of engineering that transforms the engine bay into a work of art. 

     We here at the Toy Barn are proud to offer Dinan performance solutions. At Dinan their passion for both BMWs and BMW parts is evident in their dedication to designing and producing the most innovative and performance driven BMW aftermarket parts on the market. Serious enthusiasts turn to Dinan because they appreciate their ability to make BMW performance upgrades that outperform the rest of the BMW aftermarket industry. When customers want performance they turn to Dinan first.

    Contact Jonathan at 800-869-2276 or by email at for more information or ordering details.  
    Carbon Fiber High Flow Cold Air Intake
    or the BMW F06/12/13
    Retail Price: $2999.00

    The F06/12/13 M6 Dinan® high flow carbon fiber cold air intake, like most Dinan products, has a sleek and functional appearance that embodies high performance. The F06/12/13 M6 cold air intake allows cool outside air to be pushed into the engine via a pair of supplemental carbon fiber intake ducts located at the front of the engine bay. The M5 cold air intake system was carefully designed within tight packaging constraints and in consideration of ideal aerodynamic diffusing angles to optimize the efficiency and performance of this induction system. Each duct leads combustion air through a custom designed intake assembly that has a larger than stock metered air flow housing, as well as a Dinan conical air filter with a 77% larger capacity. Dinan engineers have painstakingly developed custom tooling to ensure the entire Dinan cold air intake system is sealed like a factory replacement, thereby preventing hot air from the engine compartment to compromise its effectiveness. The stock air inlets are left intact and fully functional to provide a new total of four air intakes into the engine for maximum airflow. Improved induction airflow offered by Dinan cold air intake systems increase engine performance, even more so if used in combination with other performance enhancing Dinan products.

     The F06/12/13 M6 Cold Air intake is in compliance with U.S. EPA Memorandum 1A, or this product has not been found, nor is believed to be, unlawful for use under the provisions of the Clean Air Act. Currently: This product is not legal for sale or use in California, or states that have adopted California emissions standards, on any pollution controlled motor vehicles. 


    • Maximum peak power of 693 HP and 651 lb-ft of Torque utilizing Dinan Stage 2 components (DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner, intake and exhaust). A difference of 13 HP and 7 lb-ft of torque from Dinan Stage 1 (DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner Only). 
    • Dinan proprietary Injection molded Dinan MAF housings are larger than stock
    • Stock air filters are replaced with 77% larger Dinan conical air filters.
    • Entire Dinan Intake system is sealed like a factory replacement to ensure only cold outside air and not hot air from the engine compartment is being utilized.
    • Stock System Stays Completely Functional
    • Carbon fiber air box lids and intake ducts
    • Raised Dinan logos are laminated into the carbon fiber intake
    Rubber hoses, mounting brackets, & hardware included.

    Do you yearn to have a powerfully refined high performance vehicle? Toy Barn is pleased to announce that we are offering the new
    Performance Tuner for the Alpina B6 and B7.
    Now your already refined drivers sedan can be elevated to astounding heights to encompass 
    luxury and power courtesy of the combined effort of Dinan and Alpina. 

     Contact Jonathan at 800-869-2276 or by email at


    DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner 
    for F06 Alpina B6, F01 F02 Alpina B7

     Retail Price: $2999.00
    Stage 1 

    Install Time:                                   2.0 hrs
    BMW Factory Ratings:
    540 HP, 538 lb-ft torque (540HP, 574 lb-ft Measured)
    With DINANTRONICS Tuner (Stage 1):
    586 HP, 620 lb-ft torque

    DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner 
    for F01 F02 Alpina B7
    Retail Price:$3249.00
                                      Stage 2                                    
    Install Time:            2.0 hrs
    BMW Factory Ratings:
    540 HP, 538 lb-ft torque (540 HP, 574 lb-ft Measured)
    With DINANTRONICS Tuner, Dinan Cold Air Intake and Exhaust (Stage 2):
    600 HP, 639 lb-ft torque



    The DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner is a highly engineered and sophisticated piece of computer hardware and software that enhances engine performance, without negating or voiding your new car warranty coverage and without affecting long term reliability or the functionality of on-board diagnostic systems. It is also the only tuning device emissions legal in all 50 states. The ultimate objective of developing this piece of technology was to provide the ability to control every signal entering and exiting the BMW factory Engine Control Unit. These items are unique to Dinan and together they embody the apex of performance engineering in a powerful, reliable, and warrantied package.  


     The biggest benefit of the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner is our ECU has the capability of setting an optimum target lambda (fuel mixture) as well as correcting short term trim which is the difference between target and scheduled fuel mixture. By matching these two correctly we can reduce knock sensor activity which will make smother performance, protect the catalyst, increase power and allow us to make it emissions legal.- Steve Dinan

     The Dinan difference is possible by employing a full staff of talented engineers that are well rounded in all aspects of their job. Manipulating these signals with an adept hand all the while keeping an engine running at its best and with the most reliable power is what Dinan is all about.


     Plug in tuning devices all of have one thing in common, they send a modified signal to the factory ECU, telling it the boost pressure is below target values. This then causes the factory ECU to raise the boost pressure to what it thinks is the correct value. This modified boost pressure signal causes errors in fuel mixture and ignition timing. These errors can cause the on-board diagnostics systems to set faults, but they can also cause exceedingly high catalyst temperatures and a loss of power. In addition, when power is increased, exhaust gas temperature will increase as well and this must be countered with a slightly richer air/fuel mixture. The DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner uniquely has the capability to adjust target Lambda, correct short term trim as well as ignition timing errors induced by raising boost pressure. This enables Dinan calibration engineers to optimize air/fuel mixture and ignition timing at elevated boost pressure throughout the entire gamut of engine RPM and engine load. Additionally, the ability to correct short term trim corrections (the difference between target and scheduled fuel mixture) remain within OEM specifications. This minimizes knock sensor activity, which in turn means smooth engine performance, catalyst protection and power increase, while this is also required to make the car emissions legal. Dinan engineers have worked for two years on the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner in efforts to provide BMW enthusiasts with Performance without Sacrifice. 


     The DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner is engineered using the best possible components and advanced hardware. The most obvious and visible component is the elaborate wiring harness. Using OE connectors and an expandable braided wiring sleeves ensures that all visible components appear as if they come straight from the factory. More importantly however it guarantees long lasting and dependable performance due to the use of high heat, moisture and abrasion resistant materials and design. The other hardware element involved is the Dinan electronic control unit (ECU) itself.  While its outward appearance may seem tame, the processing power and sophistication held within its internal circuitry is anything but. Capable of delivering signals to various systems at an astonishing 4000 times per second the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner yields the power to control all current signals delivered to the ECU as well as those developed  in the future without a hiccup in performance or reliability.  This immense processing power equates to a high degree of engine control resulting in a much lower likelihood of setting a fault. In addition smoother running conditions and superior drivability are achieved, all of which are Dinan hallmarks. 


     Dinan's comprehensive warranty program, introduced in 1997, provides superior warranty coverage to that which you would find elsewhere. If your vehicle is currently covered by the vehicle manufacturer's new car limited warranty, Dinan® products are warranted for the remaining term of the vehicle manufacturer's new car limited warranty. The manufacturer's new car warranty is limited to 4 years or 50,000 miles (80,000 kilometers in Canada), commencing on the date of first retail sale or the date the vehicle is first placed in-service as a demonstrator or company vehicle, whichever is earlier. Dinan's warranties are transferable when ownership of the vehicle into which the Dinan products were originally installed is sold. BMW automobiles can now be performance-tuned without the associated concern of negatively affecting the new car warranty coverage.


     The DINANTRONICS™ Performance Tuner was designed and built to be the only tuning box on the market that is emissions legal in all 50 states by virtue of California Air Resources Board executive order D-176-42. 


       There is more to a tune than just cranking up the boost. Power needs to come on smoothly and in a predictable way to make the car as fun to drive at wide open throttle as cruising around town.  It is your BMW, but reborn with new found acceleration and speed.


       Plug-and-Play installation in two hours or less at any of the 180+ Dinan Dealers. While firmware is loaded directly on the ECU the model specific software will need to be downloaded into the ECU by an authorized Dinan dealer after installation.


     Dinan's ECU is Bluetooth® Smart meaning that you can change maps simply via a Bluetooth connection.  Just install and you are done!


     The DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner was engineered with future expansion of functionality in mind. Boasting the most powerful processing power on the market the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner can handle more functions and processes than any of its contemporaries. To that end the Dinan performance tuner is capable of interfacing with the CAN and FlexRay communication systems which allow for controlling power train functions, among others. This means that when new functions are developed there will be no need for a new box, just a short software update at your local Dinan dealer.



     Dinan guarantees you will be impressed by the DINANTRONICS Performance Tuner and the performance it provides that we offer a 3-Day return policy. If you aren't satisfied with what the Dinan solution brings to the table within 3 days of install you can go back to your dealer for a full refund (installation labor costs still apply).



    Dinan is world renowned for its BMW performance software. Software is what Dinan was built on and excels at. While there are other tuning options out there; there is more to a tune than just cranking up the boost.  Power needs to come on smoothly and in a predictable way to make the car as fun to drive at wide open throttle as cruising around town.  Dinan software augments your factory BMW and gives it aspirations of grandeur with new found acceleration and speed.

    Performance gain for your vehicle: 33 Horsepower / 28 lb-ft of Torque.

    * Speed Limiter removed. Increased rev limiter.


    Dinan exhaust systems improve exhaust flow by reducing back pressure, resulting in increased power output and a great sporty sound that is civilized when you want it to be and pleasantly aggressive under harder acceleration, with zero drone. They are all made with stainless steel to give that throaty resonance while utilizing black or polished tips to guarantee they look as good as they sound. 

     Performance gain for your vehicle:  

    Up to 6 Horsepower / 5 lb-ft of Torque.




    Engines need oxygen rich air to perform at their peak levels. Dinan's Cold Air intakes gather this cooler air from outside the engine compartment directly to the engine at larger volumes than the stock setup provides. This maximizes the amount of air the engine yearns for when pushed to produce substantial power gains.  The engine will come to life now that it is not starving of performance inducing air and reward you with unbridled top-end power. 

     Performance gain for your vehicle: 

    Up to 18 Horsepower / 15 lb-ft of Torque.



    Dinan designs suspension systems that are much more than just lowering the ride height for looks. They also provide improved cornering ability and a lower center of gravity in addition to the lower stance. Dinan's suspension systems integrate form and function to produce a BMW that is visually stunning and rides nearly as smooth as stock but with handling that could perform on any of the world's top racing circuits. 


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